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Home of the record-shattering
Centimark Land Speed Mustang

Steve Benyo Takes Hot Rod Magazine Top Speed Challenge with the CentiMark Mustang! Press release.


The Car



The CentiMark Mustang continues to rewrite the record books while surpassing all previously established standards of performance! Primarily built to compete in the “Production” classification for Land Speed Racing, the rules are very restrictive with regards to aerodynamic modifications. The body must remain completely stock, with no additional wings, spoilers or splitters that were not original equipment from the dealership. These factors become very relevant and limiting at speeds in excess of 200 miles per hour.

Owned and driven by veteran driver Steve Benyo, the CentiMark Mustang holds the C/Production Supercharged World Land Speed Record of 232.27, set in August of 2008 at the fabled Bonneville Salt Flats. The average speed for the fifth mile of the record setting run was 238.44 mph, making this “The World’s Fastest Production Mustang.” In addition to that record, the car presently holds fourteen ECTA top speed records for the Standing Mile. Other records and achievements are within reach, as Team Saline continues to develop and refine the technology necessary to push a production Mustang to speeds that were once considered unattainable.


Hoping to build upon last year's success, a number of updates have been made to the successful 2008 combination. In the competitive world of motorsports, standing pat is an invitation to be surpassed. A vast amount of research and development has been performed during the off-season, and new sponsors have joined with this cutting-edge program.

Now featuring the brand new “Boss 5.0” iron modular block from Ford Racing Performance Parts, along with a radically different induction system and redesigned chassis, there are more things different about the 2008 version of the Centimark Mustang than remain the same! Other areas where measureable gains have been found: engine cooling, traction, rpm power band, gearing refinement, oiling, and air-charge cooling. Perhaps even more valuable than the power and performance gains were the improvements made in the areas of durability and safety. We have directed maximum resources towards eliminating the breakage issues that arose last year, which were greatly a result of breaching previously unconventional power levels. And, Kirker Racing has put the finishing touches on an entirely new, ultra strong roll cage, strengthened the frame and added a second parachute!


ECTA 200 MPH Club


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Motorsport Studio
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Campbell Scientific
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Gia Dora Racing
American Racing Headers
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Design Engineering Inc.
Griffin Thermal Products
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