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About Team Saline
and the
Centimark Land Speed Mustang


The Car



The 2003 Sonic Blue SVT Cobra is equipped with a 32 valve DOHC V-8 Iron 5.0 Boss from Ford Racing, and although heavily modified, remains legally licensed and inspected for  highway driving.  

 We have performed hours of exhaustive wind tunnel testing to assure safety at the high speeds being contemplated. An uncountable number of mechanical variables have been tried in order to maximize power output. Much of the emphasis has been towards building the durability to produce these high power levels and still endure the extreme conditions of a five mile, full blast land speed assault.  Aerodynamics

Surpassing the previous record by almost 20 miles per hour has brought a lot of favorable attention to this project. Breaking a World Land Speed Record with a popular car like a Mustang generates interest with both casual and hard-core fans alike. The fact that this was done with a regular, made-in-Detroit, street legal muscle car that anyone could purchase from a dealer makes the accomplishment that much more meaningful. Enthusiasts relate better to this car compared to race cars in other forms of motor sports, where little is in common between the racing version and those found in show rooms. Just add mufflers, reattach the side mirrors, move the ‘chutes to allow clear view of the license plate, and the CentiMark Mustang is ready to be driven on the street!


Steve Benyo, the owner/driver, is president of a major seafood distribution company in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania. Having dabbled in road racing, autocross and karts, his most noteworthy racing accomplishments are primarily in the field of drag racing.

Formerly a driver of a blown altered on the Supercharged Outlaws circuit, he has held 10 records in various NHRA classes. Steve has successfully competed in classes ranging from NHRA and IHRA Competition Eliminator to NHRA Stock Eliminator, including divisional and regional wins, runner-up at both the US Nationals and Spring Nationals, and winner of the Budweiser Super Stock Nationals. The Driver

He has captained an eclectic selection of cars over the years, including: 1969 Camaro, 1971 Buick GS, 1969 Boss 429 Mustang, 1974 Duster, AA/Altered, A/Altered, B/Dragster, A/ED.
This 2003 SVT Cobra is the fifth Mustang owned by Steve.


The TEAM SALINE name was chosen to honor the historic name of the The CarBonneville Salt Flats. The team includes a number of experts that are distinguished by their accomplishments both in Motorsport, and in their careers and professional lives.

Thermodynamics Bob Beckwith
R & D Support Darin Stankiewicz
Drivetrain Management Scott Marrison
Electron Navigation Norm Bova
Technical Advisor Charles Fabros
Tuning Specialist Dale Cherry
Injection Connection
Race Preparation Jim Locke
Scientific Pontification Bill Adams
Web site Terry Diemer


Team Saline

ECTA 200 MPH Club


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