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Team Saline Records & More

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2009 Hot Rod Top Speed Challenge
Super Street Champion
233.108 mph


Date Land Speed Venue Class Previous Record
in MPH

New Record

in MPH

2009 Bonneville C/PS 232.27 253.42
2009 Maxton AA/BFSS 221.42 226.51
2009 Maxton AA/BGSS 184.65 233.10
2009 Maxton A/BGSS 218.95 226.95
2009 Maxton C/BGSS* 198.63 230.48
2008 Maxton B/BGSS TBA 228.656
ECTA 200MPH Club
2008 Bonneville C/PS 213.12 232.27
2008 Maxton C/BGAlt 177 195
2008 Maxton C/BFAlt 185 189
2007 Maxton C/BFSS 154.22 185.22
2007 Maxton C/BGSS 183.25 194.45
2007 Maxton C/BFSS 181.49 193.32
2007 Maxton B/BFSS 184.30 199.83
2007 Maxton A/BFSS 185.91 194.75
2007 Maxton AA/BFSS 161.81   195.72  

See and Support The CentiMark Land Speed Mustang at these Events

North Carolina
May and June
Pittsburgh, PA
Speed Week
Bonneville Salt Flats, UT
The SCTA World Finals, the last land speed championship speed trials event of the season at the Salt Flats, has been canceled due to a storm that cause the racing surface to be flooded.
Bonneville Salt Flats, UT
Las Vegas, NV
Orlando, FL

   Sanctioning Organization Links

Southern California Timing Association (SCTA)
Utah Salt Flats Racing Association, (USFRA)

East Coast Timing Association, (ECTA)

ECTA 200 MPH Club


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